Spiegel-Online Nag Screens

So apparently, now hides itself behind mostly nagging pay walls. They even got coverage from El Fefe, and of course they are not only asking you to pay for “plus” articles, which I happily do, they also throw ad block nag screens in their reader’s way. Recently, a German court has decided that ad blockers are legal. And of the user decides what should happen on his computer, which program to run… In that sense, Davide Bove recently posted some code on how to remove those nagging parts. Here is a concatenated code that you can simply use as a favorite in your browser (Ctrl+D on some site, give it some title, then edit the favorite and paste the entire code, in one line, into the address of the favorite):



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Alba Fiorita – The perfect stop half way between Switzerland and Croatia

On our way back from Poland to Croatia, we found this nice place to stay overnight:


I am going to post a drone video later, when I’ve sufficient network connectivity. This is an agroturismo, very nicely located between Venice and Trieste. Last time we drove down to Croatia, we made the big mistake to stay overnight in Trieste itself, which was very noisy.


This place here is very quiet, very well managed, and the owners go the extra mile to make your stay perfect. The breakfast is very impressive, and you can relax before carrying on your journey.

It is located very close to the motorway, and yet it is very quiet. If you leave the motorway, notice the big sign on the top of the building, to your right, reading Agroturismo. This is not the place. Right in front of that building, turn left, and follow about 200m to find Alba Fiorita.


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Fix for Safari on Mac: Client Certificate no longer accepted, or slow authentication…

Now this is a very annoying behavior I’ve observed with Safari on Mac and accessing a variety of SAML2 protected sites – while other browsers such as Chrome don’t appear to have that problem. The authentication process may just hang, or also fail with an uninformative cookie error.

Ultimately, what helps is this: Search Keychain for “” – there’s probably one certificate starting with that name and having a longer extension:


You will see other certificates depending on it. Delete that certificate, at which point the others will show up as no longer valid:


Delete those too. You don’t even need to restart your browser. Just go back to the site where the authentication was not working, and refresh the page. It should work now.

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Academic Workflow using Scrivener, BibDesk, Skim, LaTeX, and all the rest of it…

Here is a screen cast that I’ve done on my academic workflow. Have fun:


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Make Skim Great Again

Yesterday, I had created a pretty useful workaround for the still fucked up PDFKit in Sierra, which prevents Skim from running. Motivated by Andrea Alberti, I’ve today created a much better version which can be applied in one minute, with one single command, and does not require to keep System Integrity Protection off and swap around versions of PDFKit in the future.

In other words, this is there to Make Skim work again…┬áThe solution is on GitHub.

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Better Workaround for the still fucked up PDFKit problem on MacOS

So I had written here about the problem with PDFKit under MacOS and shown how to get an deploy an alternative version of PDFKit which fixes the problem. Unfortunately, that makes Preview no longer work with PDF files, which is why I had also supplied there a script for switching back and forth between different versions of PDFKit. What’s really missing, though, is to have that process automated. I’ve written a solution for that and put it on GitHub. Feel free to use it.

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Fix fontd being a CPU hog on MacOS

I just saw that there was a runaway fontd process. Fixed it like so:

Most importantly, this has drastically brought down CPU usage overall. Apparently, it impacts a whole lot of applications.

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“What is your main purpose in life right now?”

As part of my DBA, there is what the university calls a “personal development module.” So people ask me questions that are meant to make you think. The question we got over the holiday period was this: “What is your main purpose in life right now?” I don’t know whether my answer will resonate with you at all, or even is in any way good. I share it anyway.


Adblock, System-Wide, without Plugins… Pi-Hole!

This is absolutely awesome. I just came across Pi-Hole, a DNS based ad blocker that you can install on a Raspi or just some Linux box you may have around.


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I truly think, I just fell in love with a program. I’m talking about Scrivener. Since I’m doing research / academic writing rather than novel writing, I had not really looked at the program after I had bought it and played a bit with it a couple of years ago. Now, I’m starting here a series of blog articles about how to make Scrivener really work for academic writing and research. It’ll go very much in detail.


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